Sunday, 18 December 2011

Council Approved! Finally

Took around 8-9 weeks with one knock back.. but we finally got it :)

Now EBH get to do some paperwork at their end, and fingers crossed that sometime in late January, we'll get a slab.

Sunday, 13 November 2011


Looks like someone has chosen to dump some concrete on our land.

Here's a shot of some of the offending concrete - note the white plastic ring on the back one.

And this is a shot of a cabinet nearby on it's own small slab - where there was previously a footpath. 

Could one come from the other? Hmm - possibly. Does anyone know what the white ring is for or what this box is actually for? There are no stickers on the side.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Land piccy. :)


Dropped by to have a look at the area again and took this little snap with my phone - so many houses going up around our little block

Saturday, 17 September 2011

Land is officially ours! :D

As of 3:00 yesterday, we are now the proud owners of a small parcel of land in the Georges Fair estate :)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Facade Issues NO More

Got the call yesterday - our facade has already been pushed through the GF approval team. So much for the 4-6 weeks we were advised. Salespeople! meh!

Tomorrow is land settlement day :D

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Tiles and Facade Issues

I received my clarification on the tiles - underlay is required for tiles over the standard size in wet areas.

Also, our mosaic tiles we chose for both ensuite and bathroom were discontinued, so if we still want mosaic, we need to choose another.

The missus still wants the mosaic, so we went back out to DiLorenzo and chose another mosaic. We now wait for another quote to turn up.

We also got some bad news tonight, EBH just called me and advised that our facade we have chosen and signed off on, is not in the list of Georges Fair approved facades. They are now saying we need to choose another from one of the 3 approved facades, or wait for approval from Georges Fair. I'll need to contact GF to see how long this would take.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Tile Quote

Well finally, a week after I was told I would have the quote, we received this today.

Pretty much as expected, mosaic tiled feature walls are too expensive and will be deleted. We will probably just have mosaic tiles in the niches in all 3 bathrooms.

We have been charged for Underlay - since when do tiles have this? And even if it needs Underlay, shouldn't this already be included in the costs. I have asked for clarification on this.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Smiles fade.. just a little

I heard from Dilorenzo yesterday and we were advised the mosaic tiles we selected have been discontinued, so it looks like we will need to re-choose these tiles again. Before we re-choose though I have asked them to send a quote without the mosaic tiles and another with the mosaic tiles. It may turn out that the mosaic tiles are too expensive anyway.

I dont think Dilorenzo's carpets and tiles are very competitive, and why would they be when we are stuck with them.

Same goes for the electrical. We have zero choice but to get our electrical supplied and installed by the one company at the Home Options Gallery. As they know this, there are no discounts. Seriously, 40 + lights installed and no discount??

I think EBH should have more than one vendor that they use, and allow the client to choose which vendor he would like to use. We would then see competitive prices.

I deleted the next 3 paragraphs, as I was just ranting. >:)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carpet Quote

We received our carpet quote over the weekend. We are now thinking of deleting the carpet and getting these done ourselves. As usual, the standard option is horrible and the carpet we have chosen has been quoted at just over $5000 (this is minus the EBH allowance which is about $4500)

We won't get the tile quote until next week, and there's a good chance we'll delete these too. We will wait and decide later.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Final Appointment

We had our final HOG appointment today. Selected our electrical, tiles, carpet and stairs.

Tile Selections

Downstairs floor throughout: Ivory 450x450

Downstairs powder room: gloss white wall tiles with a mosaic feature wall (see image below)

Ensuite and upstairs bathroom: palatino metal 300x300 floor tiles with gloss white wall tiles and a mosaic shower feature wall.(see below image)

Kitchen splash back: decided on a white horizontal laid 100x300 tile

Upstairs Bathrooms themes
Light floor tiles with white walls and the mosaic feature wall

Downstairs bathroom theme
The floor tiles are a brown, but show up as black in the photo. White walls with the brown mosaic for the feature wall

Tiles look a lot better in person.. photos don't do them justice.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Original Floorplans

These are the original Lincoln 35 plans. We have added a 3rd garage and had to chop the length of the house down a little to fit on our block whilst adhering to the Georges Fair guidelines.


This is a photo of the Eden Brae Lincoln from their website.

We have chosen Espresso bricks as displayed in this image.

The tiles in this image are coloured Barrumundi, our tiles will be flat Monier Horizon tiles

Kitchen Colours

Choosing a colour scheme is a pretty daunting task. Mistakes can be extremely costly. For this reason we wanted to choose tried and tested schemes.

For the kitchen we decided to go with the same design scheme that is in the display home at Gregory Hills. We went with the Caesar New Cairo benchtops with Blackened Linewood cupboards. See the image below. We have not yet decided on a splashback colour - we are not big fans of the red tiles.

We are also going to match the floor tiles downstairs. Unsure what they call these tiles as yet.


These are some of the options we chose at our first colour selection appointment a few weeks ago:

Kitchen Variations:
- Relocated Dish Washer to the Butler Pantry
- Additional pot drawers to go into the cupboard space where the dishwasher was.
- Added a cupboard above the fridge
- All cupboards will be covered in Crystal Gloss Blackened Linewood with Diamond Gloss bench tops
- Butlers pantry will just have Laminex Pure tops

- Downstairs powder room will have a shower installed
- Cupboards will be warm white gloss finish with Laminex Ebony Marble vanity tops
- Ensuite will have a set of 3 drawers installed in between the existing two sink cupboards
- Upgraded main bath to Stylus Classic 1700
- Caroma Cosmo Vanity basins in downstairs powder room and upstairs bathroom
- Caromo Liano Vanity basins in Ensuite
- Dorf Jovian Shower Rail in Ensuite
- Conserv Ascot Shower head for downstairs powder room and upstairs bathroom
- Semi-Frameless Shower screens in all bathrooms

External House:
- Bricks will be PGH Espresso coloured with off-white mortar
- Double garage and single garage doors will all have a "Decro" timber look
- Monier "Barramundi" roof tiles
- Downpipes and Gutters to be "Monument" coloured

Now the front door.. this is where our fun has begun. Our front door is 2040x1200 and we opted for a Corinthian Madison entry door. This price was supplied to us just this week and to delete the old door, we receive a $150 credit. To replace it with the Madison, we have been quoted $2200! I have argued this, as I do not believe the pricing is correct, but I have been ensured that it is. This is still to be resolved tomorrow.

We have our second lot of appointments at the Home Options Gallery tomorrow. We will get to choose our carpet, tiles and electrical.

I'll post some pictures of our colours later today

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Home Options Gallery

Phew,what a day.

We had our colour appointment today. Six hours to go through nearly everything.

We chose our bricks, driveway stenciling, tapware, cupboards, kitchen layout, toilets, bath and shower accessories.

We also made our next few appointments which are for tiles, carpets, and electrical work.

Apparently they will now submit our plans to council. Hopefully our facade design will be accepted.

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Contract Signing

Signed the contact last Wednesday.

Next step is to book in the Home Options Gallery to make our choices for the internals (sinks, taps, tiles, carpets, etc).

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Tender was signed on Friday and we have been given a guaranteed start date of 31/12/2011. One week into the Xmas break.

Apparently, there's a good chance they can start sooner.

We have to return to Eden Brae in two weeks time to sign the contracts.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

House Deposit

Initial house deposit paid today.

We also went through a lot of the options we want with the house, including:
  • additional garage
  • storage area under stairs
  • change of windows in media room
  • sliding door to guest room
  • Butlers pantry upgraded with sink and benches
We were also taken through an almost complete house with a lot of standard options, and the sales manager pointed out differences between basic and upgrades. We have decided on quite a few upgrades based on this viewing.

Starts getting a little scary when you start adding on the optionals and taking upgrades. Hopefully we can stay under budget.

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Land Deposit

Woot! Paid the first deposit for the land today. The land is now ours! :D

Might grab a picture tomorrow and post it :)

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beginning the dream..

After living in our own pre built home for the last 5 years, my partner and I have decided to make the move into a brand new home.

First step was to find the area we wanted to build in and we looked at a few areas, but as we wanted to move closer to our work we decided on the Georges Fair estate at Moorebank.

I decided I wanted a diary of the build from go to woah, and so here I am, blogging the entirety of the build.

We decided on our block, and moved onto our builders.

Georges Fair have tight restrictions on building in the estate, one of which is that there is only a selection of six builders allowed to build in the area, and even then, the designs are limited.

We looked at Clarendon and were underwhelmed with the design features. To us, it seemed like their designs were dated and had no "wow" factor, whereas other builders had a much more modern feel.

The choice was down to Eden Brae and Wisdom, and we decided to go with Eden Brae as the design suited our needs more so than Wisdom and we were pretty happy with the service from the Sales Manager.

Our first choice was the Cremorne 33 and we were stuck on this, until we looked at the Lincoln 35. The Lincoln has quite a few improvements over the Cremorne in our opinion. Two of which are, that the Cremorne is way too long and we had to chop out the back room and move the Alfresco off to one side to have it fit on our block as we have a shallow block.

To get the Lincoln to fit the block, we will still need to make some slight modifications to fit the block and this is where we are at right now.

Our sales manager is currently working on our design to see how we can get the LIncoln to fit - it's about 400 mm too long.