Thursday, 16 June 2011

Beginning the dream..

After living in our own pre built home for the last 5 years, my partner and I have decided to make the move into a brand new home.

First step was to find the area we wanted to build in and we looked at a few areas, but as we wanted to move closer to our work we decided on the Georges Fair estate at Moorebank.

I decided I wanted a diary of the build from go to woah, and so here I am, blogging the entirety of the build.

We decided on our block, and moved onto our builders.

Georges Fair have tight restrictions on building in the estate, one of which is that there is only a selection of six builders allowed to build in the area, and even then, the designs are limited.

We looked at Clarendon and were underwhelmed with the design features. To us, it seemed like their designs were dated and had no "wow" factor, whereas other builders had a much more modern feel.

The choice was down to Eden Brae and Wisdom, and we decided to go with Eden Brae as the design suited our needs more so than Wisdom and we were pretty happy with the service from the Sales Manager.

Our first choice was the Cremorne 33 and we were stuck on this, until we looked at the Lincoln 35. The Lincoln has quite a few improvements over the Cremorne in our opinion. Two of which are, that the Cremorne is way too long and we had to chop out the back room and move the Alfresco off to one side to have it fit on our block as we have a shallow block.

To get the Lincoln to fit the block, we will still need to make some slight modifications to fit the block and this is where we are at right now.

Our sales manager is currently working on our design to see how we can get the LIncoln to fit - it's about 400 mm too long.

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