Sunday, 28 August 2011

Carpet Quote

We received our carpet quote over the weekend. We are now thinking of deleting the carpet and getting these done ourselves. As usual, the standard option is horrible and the carpet we have chosen has been quoted at just over $5000 (this is minus the EBH allowance which is about $4500)

We won't get the tile quote until next week, and there's a good chance we'll delete these too. We will wait and decide later.


  1. Hi Mullos,

    We decided to do our own floor coverings, we can get better carpet and underlay and will save about $1000. We are going to have timber floors not floating and the builder would not do it so we have to wait until handover before having it done. We had to have the kitchen benches lifted 30mm to cater for the floors otherwise they would be to low.

    It actually worked out better for us.

    Just be aware that if you get a water leak for example, the builder will not cover the carpet (if they didn't supply it), you will need to go through your insurance to have it cleaned/replaced (so I have been told).

    How did you go with the master switch idea?

    Its an interesting experience, hope all goes well.

  2. Hi Gary,

    I would prefer to get it all done by EBH, but it all comes down to costs. We are going to chase up some quotes with some carpet/tilers and see how they compare.

    I didn't go with the master switch idea - the quote was starting to blow out, so I held off.. although I have a few additional requests to add to the electrical, so I may still request this for a few rooms.