Friday, 2 September 2011

Smiles fade.. just a little

I heard from Dilorenzo yesterday and we were advised the mosaic tiles we selected have been discontinued, so it looks like we will need to re-choose these tiles again. Before we re-choose though I have asked them to send a quote without the mosaic tiles and another with the mosaic tiles. It may turn out that the mosaic tiles are too expensive anyway.

I dont think Dilorenzo's carpets and tiles are very competitive, and why would they be when we are stuck with them.

Same goes for the electrical. We have zero choice but to get our electrical supplied and installed by the one company at the Home Options Gallery. As they know this, there are no discounts. Seriously, 40 + lights installed and no discount??

I think EBH should have more than one vendor that they use, and allow the client to choose which vendor he would like to use. We would then see competitive prices.

I deleted the next 3 paragraphs, as I was just ranting. >:)

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