Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Lower eaves and cladding

Garage eaves - really hanging to see the brickwork cleaned and the eaves painted :)

The only cladding we have on the house is at the rear - which is fantastic for us as we really aren't excited to have any cladding, but it looks fine anyway.

They have also installed all the cavity door frames and nailed the frame and bricks together. Air conditioning and electrical rough in were completely finished today also.


  1. Better to have the weatherboard style cladding than the basic fibro looking stuff I've seen on other places.
    One of the major selling points for our builder though was no cladding, brick all over.

  2. We walked right around the house and I didn't even notice the cladding. It really is out of sight.. unless we look up :)

    1. Just like the roof on a two storey house. I'm glad we didn't pay for an upgrade to colorbond.

    2. Hello

      I just found your blog and surprise with your building timelines. I think you must be happy with your building progress. Can I ask --how long is for your building duration in the contract?

      Also, your bricks are very beautiful and your house looks very nice.

  3. Hi Kiki,

    EBH give 30 weeks for a storey house (26 for a single).

    Thanks for the compliment about the bricks. We are pretty happy with the colour, but there are quite a few that need to be replaced. (See my latest post)