Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tiling continues..

Yesterday afternoon we went past the house and lo and behold, the side security fence is wide open, both garage doors were open, a lot of windows left open, and the rear alfresco stacker door was unlocked. Seriously? These tradies really just dont care. I just read about a theft occurring a few streets across at a house at the same stage as us.

As the house was wide open, we had a quick look around (to ensure everything was secure) and the the wet areas are almost complete and the kitchen splashback tiles have been installed. No pictures, as the house was pitch black. I think I could navigate around this house with my eyes closed, by the time we move in :)

Portico area has also had the gyprock ceiling and cornice installed, along with the laundry tub. A cheap and nasty tub we will replace later on.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Site Appointment

We have been getting into trouble by going onsite without our SS, so we are going to try and abide by the rules and do the right thing. If the doors are wide open though and no one about, well, I'm not saying we won't mosey on in.

So we had an appointment this morning and had to discuss a few items that we were not initially impressed by:

All wet area tiling has been proceeding. The floors have been completed, and the walls, shower and baths have been started. We had an issue with the alignment of the tiles, but after discussions with the SS, we are a little more at ease. We wanted grout lines to all match up, but this just was not going to happen.

Living/Kitchen Air Conditioner Duct
There is a duct point installed almost directly over our kitchen bench, right where we want to install 2 pendant lights. Firstly, having a duct point so close to the 2 lights would look awful, and secondly the air from the duct would make the pendants swing.

Apparently due to the layout of the ceiling joists, there was no way to move the duct to the kitchen, so one possible solution is to remove the round ceiling duct altogether and install a rectangular duct on the wall on the bulkhead above the fridge space.

We will be sent a picture of what the new duct will look like and will make a decision then.

These Espresso bricks are a real pain. Our SS is going to get PGH to come onsite and take a look to see what they can do. So many chips and "lime pops" across the board.

Painters have also been through and completed painting the ceiling and have laid down the first cover for the walls. There are a lot of pencil marks on the walls marking where the imperfections are and where repairs are needed. I'm actually happy to see them - at least we know they will be fixing them.

Today, the tiler will be finishing off the bathroom and installing the tiles for the kitchen splashback. Yes we are tiling and not going a glass splashback like everyone else! gasp!

And so as to not just have a wall of text, here's a picture of our bathroom as it was a few days ago. :)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Garage Doors

All of our garage doors were installed today. Two front ones and the rear roller door.

Bathroom Floor Tiles

All the bathroom and laundry floor tiles went down yesterday.. not grouted as yet, but they look good.

The plasterer has also been back and filled in a lot of the gaps around the door frames and repaired some dents and dings in walls.

They also sealed the man hole back up as it was installed in the wrong location.

The rangehood was also installed.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Busy day yesterday with the following completed:

 - wet area floors concreted
 - air conditioning duct holes in ceiling have been cut
 - front porch has a layer of concrete for tiling
 - all tiles are delivered

A few issues that we can see though:

 - Duct holes are in very odd places. The worst of them being the one above the kitchen benches. We have 2 light fittings going in here, that we will be installing pendants lights to. Unsure how it is going to look with a duct right next to them.
 - Man hole was cut and it looks like the air conditioning ducts are running right across this. Not a huge issue to resolve.. I think

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Cupboard Fitouts

Kitchen Niche Cupboards - Blackened linewood, same as the display home at Gregory Hills

Ensuite cupboards. I really like the colour choice for the top.. mmmm Ebony Marble :)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

No more ladders

Picture of our beautiful stairs. 
We just hope for one thing - the builders do not damage these!

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Stairs and Lockup

We had our stairs started on Thursday and finished on Friday. They look fantastic! Will look even better once they are stained.

We were also surprised to find that EBH have installed stairs in our garage. This was not on the plans as it is something we were supposed to be doing after handover. Hats off to EBH for this one :D

They also delivered all our doors and architraves and installed the front door and the door from house to garage so we are now officially locked out.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cornice started

Yesterday, all the cornices were installed upstairs and the front room downstairs. This is one of the only things so far that has been completed, in which I am 100% happy with. The cornice is perfect (and so it should, it's not rocket science)

 Obligatory shot of the ensuite with cornice and plastering finished.

Upstairs "games" room

Downstairs front living room with our door frame leaning against the wall. Last time we saw the frame it was left outside leaning up against the house. Absolute zero care taken with this frame since day one.

Our front entry with the bathroom on the left. What's with the oval cut out on the front door? Maybe because the frame is not installed and they dont know where to cut the gyprock?

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Water Tank and Gyprock Pics

Work has been progressing pretty slowly lately. 
(Would seem like only one tradie is allowed in at any one time)

We had our gyprock started last Friday and finished yesterday. Two days for all ceilings and walls to be covered.

Here are a couple of pictures from the recent bunch I have collected.
 Excuse the dark quality - been getting to the house way too late.

Our huge water tank.. will be hidden behind some wood slats at a later date

Master bedroom with insulation

Master bedroom with gyprock installed