Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bathroom Floor Tiles

All the bathroom and laundry floor tiles went down yesterday.. not grouted as yet, but they look good.

The plasterer has also been back and filled in a lot of the gaps around the door frames and repaired some dents and dings in walls.

They also sealed the man hole back up as it was installed in the wrong location.

The rangehood was also installed.


  1. Hello Mullos

    I really enjoy reading your supper progress. So happy for you. And thanks so much for your prompt, informative and helpful response to my boring questions.

    It seems EBH is now fastest builder in Sydney or NSW, isn't it? or your case is an exceptional ? do you roughly know how many houses EBH building /year. It was said (informally) Fowler: 40-50 houses/year during 2008-2009 and 70-90 houses/year 2010-2012; Metricon (biggest): 800 houses/year and Wisdom 350 houses/year.
    cheers Kiki

  2. I think we are moving quite swiftly because we are at the stage where a lot can happen without any concern of rain. Really hope it stays at the swift pace. I also put it down to good organisation from our SS.

    I have no idea on the figures.. would be very interesting to see the numbers for Eden Brae. In Georges Fair, EBH definitely have the market