Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Busy day yesterday with the following completed:

 - wet area floors concreted
 - air conditioning duct holes in ceiling have been cut
 - front porch has a layer of concrete for tiling
 - all tiles are delivered

A few issues that we can see though:

 - Duct holes are in very odd places. The worst of them being the one above the kitchen benches. We have 2 light fittings going in here, that we will be installing pendants lights to. Unsure how it is going to look with a duct right next to them.
 - Man hole was cut and it looks like the air conditioning ducts are running right across this. Not a huge issue to resolve.. I think


  1. It is lovely blog changes....

    Your building appears to be always on speedy side. It is always exciting to see your building progress.

    Can I ask- what did the electrical contractor do for your electrical rough in on May 14-15? We have slightly relocated Power point, switch, telephone point on our electrical plan, but electrical contractor have yet responded to our request. Thanks! Kiki

  2. Hi Kiki,

    I got bored with the black theme :)

    The electrical rough in involved running all the electrical cables through the frames. Cable for all lights, power points, network cable, tv antenna cable, etc

    Since then, the gyprockers have sheeted straight over everything and the electricians are going to have some fun locating their cables.

    If you have made any changes, make sure the electricians know about it, otherwise they will just come out with the old plans and work off them. Even once your builders acknowledges the changes, make sure your SS and electrician work off updated plans.

    1. Hello Mullos, thank so much for prompt answer to my question.

      It seems what the electricians did for your electrical rough-in is similar to our SS's explanation. But can I reconfirm your electricians have yet allocate any light points, power points....during their "electrical rough-in" for you?

      Our SS also said I don't need to worry about slightly changed locations of several power points, light points, switch....as the electricians will specifically allocate all power points, light points.... in later stage.

      Another question regard duct holes, have your builder shown you in advance where they will make duct holes for you? Thanks a lot! cheers Kiki

  3. The electricians ran cable to all the places we chose at our electrical appointment. This also included installing the brackets that the power points and switch plates all screw into. This means it is final. If the plate is attached to the wall - that's it, the power point/light switch will be installed there. In the ceiling they ran the cables to where the lights will be located and tied the cables up so they are not in the way of the gyprockers.

    It my be different in your build if your SS is saying that making slight changes later is fine, but this is usually done at the appointment stage and any changes afterwards is at a cost to the owner.

    For the duct holes, i was advised that they couldn't choose where they install the ducts at the time of the appointment, because they dont know where all the ceiling beams are going to be. They decide this at the time of the rough-in as they are installing the duct tubes.