Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Cornice started

Yesterday, all the cornices were installed upstairs and the front room downstairs. This is one of the only things so far that has been completed, in which I am 100% happy with. The cornice is perfect (and so it should, it's not rocket science)

 Obligatory shot of the ensuite with cornice and plastering finished.

Upstairs "games" room

Downstairs front living room with our door frame leaning against the wall. Last time we saw the frame it was left outside leaning up against the house. Absolute zero care taken with this frame since day one.

Our front entry with the bathroom on the left. What's with the oval cut out on the front door? Maybe because the frame is not installed and they dont know where to cut the gyprock?


  1. wow, your building is so speedy. Will EB fix bricks for you?

    I think your build is the fastest and you will be in in the next month! So happy for you...

  2. Hi, yes the bricks should be fixed. Still havent had a site inspection with the SS about it, but we had our Tyrell's inspection and they noted a few areas where the brickwork is not good enough and will need to be fixed/replaced.

    Fingers crossed for next month - the end of the month would be likely, which puts us in a few weeks earlier than our contract states. :)