Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Site Appointment

We have been getting into trouble by going onsite without our SS, so we are going to try and abide by the rules and do the right thing. If the doors are wide open though and no one about, well, I'm not saying we won't mosey on in.

So we had an appointment this morning and had to discuss a few items that we were not initially impressed by:

All wet area tiling has been proceeding. The floors have been completed, and the walls, shower and baths have been started. We had an issue with the alignment of the tiles, but after discussions with the SS, we are a little more at ease. We wanted grout lines to all match up, but this just was not going to happen.

Living/Kitchen Air Conditioner Duct
There is a duct point installed almost directly over our kitchen bench, right where we want to install 2 pendant lights. Firstly, having a duct point so close to the 2 lights would look awful, and secondly the air from the duct would make the pendants swing.

Apparently due to the layout of the ceiling joists, there was no way to move the duct to the kitchen, so one possible solution is to remove the round ceiling duct altogether and install a rectangular duct on the wall on the bulkhead above the fridge space.

We will be sent a picture of what the new duct will look like and will make a decision then.

These Espresso bricks are a real pain. Our SS is going to get PGH to come onsite and take a look to see what they can do. So many chips and "lime pops" across the board.

Painters have also been through and completed painting the ceiling and have laid down the first cover for the walls. There are a lot of pencil marks on the walls marking where the imperfections are and where repairs are needed. I'm actually happy to see them - at least we know they will be fixing them.

Today, the tiler will be finishing off the bathroom and installing the tiles for the kitchen splashback. Yes we are tiling and not going a glass splashback like everyone else! gasp!

And so as to not just have a wall of text, here's a picture of our bathroom as it was a few days ago. :)


  1. Many thanks for your updated picture and news Mullos.

    Well your build is never slow down. You are already grand champion as your building speed is in so much different level that I really think no one have a chance to compete. Big score for EBH.

    Can I ask again your experience for A/C location....In our plan, there is several places writing as "A/C PROV" and I think A/C points will be located there...is it correct?
    And usually, where will be common points for A/C? Thanks and cheers Kiki

  2. Hi Kiki,

    In our electrical plan, we did not have any AC provisions marked. We were told, as all houses are different, the installer will decide on the location in each room, according to how the ceiling beams are. Supposedly he will make the best decision, but in our case it did not happen.

    In my opinion it is common sense not to install a duct right next to 2 light points, but apparently the installer did not think about pendant lights. All he had to do was ask.

    Just make sure they are not installing a duct too close to ANY light fixtures, especially if you plan on having any pendant lights that will sway in the breeze.