Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tiling continues..

Yesterday afternoon we went past the house and lo and behold, the side security fence is wide open, both garage doors were open, a lot of windows left open, and the rear alfresco stacker door was unlocked. Seriously? These tradies really just dont care. I just read about a theft occurring a few streets across at a house at the same stage as us.

As the house was wide open, we had a quick look around (to ensure everything was secure) and the the wet areas are almost complete and the kitchen splashback tiles have been installed. No pictures, as the house was pitch black. I think I could navigate around this house with my eyes closed, by the time we move in :)

Portico area has also had the gyprock ceiling and cornice installed, along with the laundry tub. A cheap and nasty tub we will replace later on.

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