Monday, 30 July 2012

External Painting

With the weather being kind, the painters returned and finished off the external painting which included repainting the downpipes and electricity box that had the paint washed off with the rain.

The issue we have currently, is that all downpipes are painted PVC instead of pre-painted colorbond and therefore they can only paint what they can easily get to. Behind all the pipes you can see the plain pvc colour, so this will need to be retouched. Apparently all project builders use pvc - I wouldn't think it would be that much more expensive to pre-painted colorbond.

Driveway still to come

We are still not sold on our moroka colour choice for the balcony. 
We may need to repaint this later in a lighter colour.

Loving the front door - don't mind the filthy steps.

Rear yard which doesn't show exactly how much more work we need to do after handover. 
There's another 7M from the garage to the fence boundary.

So still to come:
 - Driveway
 - Mailbox
 - Front Stairs
 - Plaster and Paint touch ups internally and externally
 - Nawkaw to come and treat the bricks

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  1. What a great block for landscaping! Can't wait to see what you do :)