Monday, 13 August 2012

Driveway completed

Our house profile shot, showing off our new driveway


  1. Thanks.. we made our PCI appointment for this Friday :D

  2. Big congratulation Mullos. You must be over the moon now. Wish you have a good PCI. EDH is officially the fastest builder. They made excavation till PCI for us just 6 months 1 week. This record is even more impressed as we had the wettest Feb and Mar in the 40 years in NSW.

    We are just on the lock up stage and waiting for the kitchen and vanity which may be ready in the next 4-6 weeks. Poor us!

    By the way, can I ask your kitchen was installed before floor tiles? Did your kitchen sit over the tiles?

    I now try to educate myself on this order as some tiler advise that the best way is to lay tiles on the floor, then get the kitchen installed. However, others say tiles on the wet area goes before vanities there, but tiles on the floor can go after the kitchen installation.... What do you think of advantage and disadvantage for the different order between tiles and kitchen installation? Thanks! Kiki

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  4. Congratulations mate and best of luck for PCI

  5. EBH, by default, install the kitchen first and then tile around it. The two advantages I can think of for laying the kitchen cupboards on top of files, are firstly it's a tidier edge finish and secondly, if you ever want to change your kitchen around you do not need to re-tile.

    I wonder if any project builders allow you to choose what gets laid first? I guess money talks, so if you want to pay for it, I'm sure they could do it. :)

    Cheers all :)

  6. Hello Mullos,

    Sorry for mistaken builder names and confused writing....

    My edition: I wrote EDH indicating for Eden Brae Homes

    Other edition: I wrote "They made excavation till PCI for us just 6 months 1 week' that should re-write again as " They made excavation till PCI for YOU just 6 months 1 week"

    Again thanks for your experience and info regarding kitchen installation and tile laying...

    Can't wait for pics and good news on PCI appointment.

    Best of luck!