Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Management called in

I bit the bullet and contacted management yesterday in regards to the issues we have been having.

I received a call 30 mins later from a friendly felllow named Peter, and booked in an inspection with the SS, Peter and ourselves for this morning. Obviously Peter's job is to smooth things out and make the client happy and he has done this.

We pointed out all the bricking issues and they were all noted down, so lets just hope they are all fixed.

It was nice to actually be told yes more then no.

 Four windows sills will be replaced and random bricks all over the house will be replaced that were installed crooked. Most of the mortar inconsistencies should also be fixed.

We still have a few items from the previous inspection they still need to repair. Nothing major.

We're hoping for settlement before the long weekend. Fingers crossed :D

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