Thursday, 6 September 2012

Settlement is delayed

We have delayed settlement as we know the house will not be completed to our satisfaction by Monday.

Whilst it looks like the majority of our issues picked up at settlement have been rectified, there are still some issues:

 - Bricks still chipped, even after Nawkaw finally got onsite yesterday
 - Roof tiles still mis-aigned, even after the tilers were onsite yesterday too
 - Electricians still yet to complete "additional" works
 - Windows still have gaps neat to bricks and need to have "storm moulds" installed
 - Mortar is still missing in quite a few places

The work Nawkaw did do, looks really good. I am really not sure why they put so much time into the "dead" side of the house and not on the Alfresco and Front entrance locations like we asked!

1 comment:

  1. Hello ..Congratulation for your new home!!We are building our first home and would like to know how much you paid to Nawkaw for brick repair?